About Barbara Stone Designs

Barbara HeadshotBarbara Stone Designs is a full-service dressmaking and alterations shop located in beautiful Redding, California. Focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction Barbara will do everything possible to meet your expectations.

“I have been doing men’s and women’s alterations for over 30 years. I specialize in complex alterations. Updating a coat. Restyling a mom’s wedding gown for a contemporary bride. Re-cutting a suit for a guy who’s lost weight. I also do very simple alterations ~ pant hems, sleeve hems, replacing zippers, repairing distressed jeans.

“Being in business for so long, you can imagine the many different styles and fabrics I’ve worked with. The big poofy styles of the ’80’s; the sleek bias-cut dresses of the 90’s, not to mention the big shoulder pads! And now I’m working with the fabrics of the new millennium.

“Over the years, I have fit all shapes and sizes of men and women, from petite women to full-figured women, short men and very tall men.

“As for custom work, I have made wedding gowns for three decades so I’ve dealt with a variety of styles. Eventually, I’ll add a portfolio for each decade of styles I’ve worked with so you can see the full body of my work. I made a lot of women’s suits in the 1980’s because a woman couldn’t just buy a suit in a store like she can now. Women were entering the professional world in droves and needed to dress “like a man” but with a feminine touch.

In the ’90’s, I mostly made pants, (think Annie Hall) and, of course, wedding gowns. Wedding gowns were incredibly expensive to buy and hard to find in a medium-sized town, so it was actually more cost effective to have them made. That was before we started having clothing made in China”

Take a look through the portfolios of custom projects and alterations tackled by Barbara Stone Designs over the years. 

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