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Short Dress for Outdoor Wedding
Short Dress for Outdoor Wedding

I feel sorry for all brides who are having their weddings this weekend in our Northern Californian town of Redding. It’s supposed to be 109 degrees. Outdoor weddings are really popular around here and I can understand why. We have gorgeous views of Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen. We have the river and all the lush vegetation that goes with it. Big oak and cottonwood trees. I GET that people love the outdoors here.

But wedding gowns and tuxes are hot! And I don’t mean that in a sexy way…I mean, the temperature way.

If you really want an outdoor wedding, and you live in a hot climate, maybe you should think outside the box a bit. How about a short wedding gown? Or a lightweight chiffon gown instead of satin?  For the guys, you might consider chinos and white shirts. If you have to stay formal, how about tux pants with the vest instead of a jacket? Linen for the bridesmaids and groomsmen is a great casual look for summer as well.


Barbara Stone Designs has been a full service Alterations and Custom Clothing business since 1981. Barbara started her training at UC Santa Barbara, where she majored in Art. Wanting to work with her hands, she then earned her Dressmaking and Alterations Certificate at Shasta College in Redding, CA. After that she honed her craft by taking workshops and classes all over the United States, studying with teachers from all over the world. Some of the classes included advanced tailoring, pattern making, image consulting, design and color, moulage, proper fit, and many classes on specific construction techniques such as lace applique, working with sheers and satins, interfacings, and dye techniques. Barbara continues to advance her skills. Her most recent workshop was on teaching an on-line class which she hopes to offer very soon.

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