Monthly Archives: May 2013

“The wedding is this Saturday!”

Even if you are a guest for a wedding and not actually in the wedding party, you want to look your best. So why would you wait till the last minute to find the perfect outfit and then expect your alterationist to fit it for you?

In my one-person business, I almost always have a two week turn around time. Sometimes, if I get a little ahead on my work, I will take on rushes but I will charge a rush fee because I could have been resting with my feet up instead of doing more work. I have to admit (and my family and friends will attest to this), I get a little cranky this time of year. Prom dresses, wedding gowns, wedding party outfits, graduation, cruises, class reunions…this is a very busy time of year for everyone! It can be tiring!

I know I could probably take on an apprentice or an employee and do more work, but until the “perfect” person comes along, I would rather turn down work than stress out about my schedule.

Keep in mind, your alterationist has a life outside of his or her shop, as well. And thanks for thinking ahead!